New brand structure from March 2019

The ASH Group is now called Aebi Schmidt Group

In recent years, we have developed into a leading provider of intelligent product systems and services for cleaning and sweeping traffic areas and for maintaining green spaces in demanding terrain. Alongside our reliable services, we strive to offer optimal, needs-based and future-proof solutions. The combination of many years of experience and tradition, as well as our inventive spirit that drives us forward, makes us proud and unique – but also somewhat complicated in terms of the disparate appearance of our brands.


A group is stronger than the individual

‘A group is stronger than the individual’ – this well-known statement already shapes our thoughts and actions today, and is something that we aim to express more clearly both internally and externally in future. Instead of hiding behind the impersonal abbreviation of ASH, we are now calling ourselves what we have essentially been called for a long time now: Aebi Schmidt – the Aebi Schmidt Group.


Aebi Schmidt Group


Our major and strongest product brands will remain under the umbrella of the Group. They are, and will remain, an essential part of our Group’s range. We will still continue to offer the trusted and popular products of our locally based brands, but in terms of brand management, we will integrate them into one of the six product brands. This affects the Tellefsdal, Broddway, Beilhack, MFH and DMI brands.


Aebi - A brand of Aebi SchmidtMB - A brand of Aebi SchmidtSwenson - A brand of Aebi Schmidt

Schmidt - A brand of Aebi SchmidtNido - A brand of Aebi SchmidtMeyer - A brand of Aebi Schmidt


Ready for the future

Over time, our brand logos and their associated symbolic language have become somewhat outdated. The new brand presence gives all of our logos a makeover, providing them with a new modern appearance that is ready for the future and makes it absolutely clear that the individual product brands belong together as part of the same Group. Our Group’s new shared logo stands for movement, for balance, and for other values that you will notice in future communications as well as in application and our services.


What will change for our customers and business partners?

In terms of our values and our performance promise, nothing will change. The organisational structure and your contact person will remain the same. Long-term thinking, responsible action, ecological and social sustainability along the entire value chain, comprehensive product responsibility, and a clear commitment to conserving resources are and will remain firmly anchored in our strategy. With the new structure and visual language of our brands, we want to support these values even more effectively in future.